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Media Creators can leverage blockchain technology to access direct financing for any media project. Our unique platform gives utility token holders of Alt Media Brands & Rights (AMBR) to contribute or participate in fractional ownership and co-producer rights to monitor, vote, and monetize each media asset.

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About Ambrasia Multimedia

Technology has revolutionalized production and distribution of media content. From advanced digital filming and editing technology to drones recording aerial shots (from previously very expensive use helicopters), technological applications have significantly decreased the cost and speed of production. Furthermore, various channels of media content distribution have disrupted cable and broadcasting companies from their traditional centralized nodes of power.

In short, technology has empowered independent production and distribution channels. However, financing of media projects has not evolved to allow for technology to enhance and democratize funding, possibly to protect powerful entrenched media financiers in an opaque yet extremely profitable industry.

Ambrasia Multimedia will revolutionize the way media projects are financed with the latest available blockchain and fintech technologies to fund media content equitably, transparently, and efficiently. A decentralized ledger will allow for transparent profit sharing and the representation of minority interests to monitor milestones and monetization events.

How it works


Step 1

Join/List your media project or yourself as cast or crew

Start financing for your media project now! Or offer your talents as a potential cast member or crew

Step 2

Earn/Contribute to AMBR utility token

Each media or talent listing earns you a token; or sign up to contribute to the AMBR token

Step 3

Follow and gain monitoring rights as a token holder, giving the same transparency to progress as a co-producer and voting member with updates on milestones

Step 4

Monitor and trade media asset tokens via blockchain for profit sharing or trading AMBR on an exchange

Use Cases

  • Creators

    Jennifer is an executive of a movie production studio. She oversees the production and management of movies and series in her country. Her company is stable and successful, but can use external financing on a few future projects. She then discovers and sees the potential synergies of the media financing platform.

    She decides to test it with one project. That project is a movie budget for approximately US$10 million. But she only wants to offer 10% of it to the potential backers. So she posted a production plan online for 10% of the project and she quickly raises $1 million. Now 10% is owned by backers and, while they don't get much say in the movie production, they still get 10% of the profits or losses.

    Whether the movie is successful or not, she has impressed her bosses by bringing in US$1 million that can then be redeployed into other movie projects, allowing them to grow their company while spreading risk across a larger portfolio of feature films. A great win for her.


    Angel has done well with stocks the last 2 years and would like to to diversify into other assets. She notices the scandals in Hollywood that has exposed many secrets of the entertainment industry. Powerful executives engaged in abusive and manipulative behavior who felt they were above reproach as leaders in a very lucrative industry. An industry that has not been open to transparent, direct investment by outsiders.

    Joe is an independent movie producer and has been known for his action adventure genre. Neville is an accomplished author in various genres, including a spy thriller based in Nepal called The Dharma Expedient. They meet on and form a Creator team which needs US$3mm for 50% of this feature film media asset.

    Thousands of old and new fans collectively pledge the needed amount and Angel backs 2% of the project. As the screenplay is written by Neville, the original author, casting and pre-production is ready in 3 months. One famous actor, James, agrees to receive 5% of this production on AMBR's smart contracts. Other cast and crew are paid from the budget and choose to be paid in cash. Most of the filming is done on location in Nepal and takes 3 months.

    Sound mixing and editing is complete within 1 month and The Dharma Expedient receives fantastic reviews at various film festivals and distribution is picked up by all the major markets. Ticket sales at cinemas the following year reach US$150mm and collects the asset's 50% split and distributes to all the holders including Angel who receives approximately US$1.5mm. A very lucrative return in less than 2 years.

    There are also licensing deals for Max Devlin action figure dolls. All future proceeds will be collected and profits distributed to proportionate token holders at every monetization event.

  • Jen is a big fan of reality shows and sees a growing market for new content in Asia. She would like to back a few creators of Asia based reality content.

    Jung, a famous golf coach, has listed a golf reality project with a more interactive and entertaining format than the normal tournament coverage. There will be some famous LPGA pros in a match play format with surprises during the day, both on and off the course.

    Jen would like to back 10% of this the first episode requiring US$100K as a budget for 50% of the ownership and producer rights (valuing the episode at US$200K). She pledges US$10,000 on to the project, and hopes to see it a success.

    One month later the project is fully funded and the show is produced 2 months later. The show is 100% sold for US$1mm for a 5x ROI. collects and distributes proportionate returns to all the holders, including Jen. She reviews other reality show concepts on and eager to back the next great idea!

  • Tim wants to make a documentary about turtle migration patterns. He has made some successful documentaries in the past that have been well received by academia, but now wants to broaden his audience and try to hit the mainstream. He realizes that he needs about US$500k to achieve this. So he puts together a business plan and uploads it to He proposes backers will own 50% of the project after its production and distribution costs.

    Ambrasia's diverse user base has an interest in promoting documentaries. However, funding pledges only reaches 90% of his target by the deadline. So, all users who had made pledges were asked to make a vote, weighted by the value of their pledges, to respond to the revised plan updated by Tim. With only 90% raised, could he produced the proposed documentary of the same quality? Sure, he plans to shoot a larger portion in Chile and less in his home state of Hawaii. Potential backers review his plan and they fund the documentary at a lower budget.

    He completes the documentary, receives an offer to license it to a major online distributor, which is offered to a vote to all contributors on Majority vote to accept Tim's astute advice, and it leads to a distribution deal of $2 million over 2 years. The project returns are profitable for all who contributed and now Tim has another credit as an expert documentarian in his field.

  • Creators

    Wasat, a developer at a large game development company, has been working on an indie puzzle video game in his spare time that he believes is very unique and would be a huge success on mobile gaming platforms. Wasat's vision for his puzzle game includes incorporating a consistent visual design theme as well as to update the game with in-app purchases and new puzzles. He has the vision and ideas but needs 2 new hires to implement further development. Wasat budgets that US$250,000 is needed to complete the game.

    Wasat considers external funding, but resigns to just continue his game's development in his spare time, potentially missing out on the puzzle game category's current surge in popularity as many games earn revenue in the space. He finds attempts to meet potential investors via introductions and conferences an inefficient process and not his core strength. This inefficient traditional media financing process is addressed by AMBR, where backers willing to finance a portion of the project based on the pitch and Wasat's reputation in the community.

    Wasat's co-worker, Marr, hearing about his financing problem, introduces him to AMBR, a media financing platform where he can finance his game development. This is facilitated through several components of the AMBR platform, including the platform's blockchain, the AMBR "smart contracts" (which contain encoded real-world proof of original work ownership and authenticity of the media asset as well as a quantity representing fractional ownership rights thereof on the blockchain), and the platform's marketplace (a portal through which Backers can exchange cryptocurrencies for fractional ownership of the media asset and vice versa at the prevailing market price for the asset). Marr explains to Wasat that as a Creator on AMBR, he can market his project to potential Backers by creating a project page on the platform and uploading whatever supporting multimedia and information he believes will enhance his chances at successfully reaching his financing goal. She on-boards Wasat through her AMBR account and encourages him to transparently describe his project, promote it, and explain why he needs the financing as well as what he plans to do with it.

    Once the proposal is active on AMBR, Wasat's gaming project enters the marketing period whereby a description and link to his project's webpage is sent to all AMBR Backers who have chosen to receive these types of notifications. This marketing period allows all AMBR Backers time to understand the project details as well as the risks and rewards of their potential fractional ownership of the media asset.

    Finally, Wasat's gaming project will receive pledges through the AMBR "smart contracts" via a cryptocurrency. These pledges will be aggregated to determine the initial market price for Wasat's gaming project or be set by Wasat beforehand. If enough capital is raised, Wasat will be able to complete his project and expand his game development business!


    Backers on the AMBR platform who believe that the mobile gaming space will remain popular, earning consistent income, will want to submit a pledge to Wasat's game project at a price that they feel is fair. These backers will receive a transfer of a quantity of a cyrptocurrency based upon the income generated from the game's ad revenue and in-app purchase sales. These same Backers will be paid in the event that Wasat's game project receives a buy-out offer by a large game development company or other entity seeking 100% ownership of the game.

    Additionally, the AMBR platform enables Backers to earn income when acting as an introducer of Creators to the platform. Marr acted as an introducer via her AMBR account and on-boarded Wasat's game project. This introduction income is paid to Marr automatically and is based upon a transparent and published formulation. Backers can help to support their friends and other Creators not yet on the platform just through an introduction.

  • Ken has a young son and sees that there is not great education animation content in Asia yet. He has seen a great idea by a proven animation and education team to produce Mandarin teaching content to young kids. The team agrees to list the project titled "Mandarin Teacher."

    The Creator team is ready to develop as soon as the target budget of US$5mm is raised for 50% of the ownership and voting rights. platform draws several large backers and the project is successfully financed in 2 months. Ken backs 3% for US$150K on AMBR's smart contract platform.

    Development only takes 6 months for beta version and is a big hit with global distributors. First licenses are issues to Korean and Vietnamese streaming services and have average monthly receipts of US$500K the next 3 months. distributes this cashflow to all the holders of the asset, and Ken receives US$15,000 per month. He hopes to recoup his full backing in less than a year.

    The "Mandarin Teacher" sells well into Thailand, Indonesia and USA for average monthly income of US$2mm, of which Ken receives his 3% share on The show is a great hit and helps kids learn Mandarin in an effective and fun format.

  • Creators

    Jordan is a professional photographer living in the United States and has an idea for a photography collection involving lengthy travel throughout Asia over the next year. He can't utilize traditional sources of financing without already having the project completed, and he estimates it will cost approximately $50,000.

    Jordan decides to list his project on with details of his photography project plans and detailed information on his previous work. He wants to retain ownership of a one-time limited printing of the photographs from the project so that he can sell them from his gallery to get exposure but wants to sell 50% of the licensing rights to digital media channels. He expects that these types of photographs will generate significant and consistent revenue through licensing and so decides to list the ownership of the licensing rights on for Backers to consider financing. All proportionate revenue resulting from the licensing of these photographs will be paid to the owners of these rights per the AMBR 'smart contract' on blockchain.


    Backers on looking for a media project with potential licensing cashflow may be interested in backing Jordan's collection. All licensing net income will be automatically distributed to the holders of the rights and deposited into their AMBR account or wallet. For US$50,000, Backers would get 50% of licensing cashflow in perpetuity or be able to trade out of the asset on



Ambrasia Group syndicates US$22mm capital raise for Star Wars licensed drone manufacturer


Based on the success of this media brand related funding, several producers and directors request capital raising for new media projects


Ambrasia Multimedia Corporation incorporated in Hong Kong, an affiliate of Ambrasia Group Limited, a Cayman Islands holding company


Identify the need for more transparent and efficient ways to help content creators finance specific projects with the latest applications of fintech and blockchain technology


Founder and friends capitalize Ambrasia Multimedia Corporation to fund launch of


Secure further angel funding to develop the platform technology, build our community, and list media projects requiring funding; populating the community of media projects is the priority


Release Whitepaper and capital raise pursuant to legal and regulatory guidelines


Develop functionality of AMBR and engage 3rd party technology audit


Launch ICO and list on various crypto exchanges


Curate, administer, and monetize funded media assets and distribute to holders via smart contracts on blockchain. Profits may arise via partial or whole sales to distributors, streaming, licensing, or ticket receipts


Leverage metadata and AI to continue to develop our proprietary algorithm valuing media assets and take principal minority stakes in select media projects.

Core team

Minsoo Kim
Founder and CEO

A financier with over 22 years of managing and executing in excess of US$3 billion in listed securities and private deals. Currently, Managing Director of Shang Intl Finance, previously Oracle Capital, Sparx Asia, ABN Amro and Goldman Sachs. Studied Philosophy and Economics at Brown University.

Passionate about media and the democratization of equitable distribution of rights to creators, talent, and investors.

Reid Frasier

A quantitative portfolio manager and software engineer with over 10 years of developing systematic trading strategies and software at hedge funds. Directly executed over US$10 billion in market turnover implemented by software driven trading systems. Currently focused on the development and implementation of Ambrasia’s technology strategy. Previously worked at WorldQuant (Millennium's quant group), SPARX Asia, and Evolution Capital Management. Studied Mathematics and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Passionate about trading, coding, gaming, and all things media.

Jason Coyle

A digital operations expert with over 20 years of software development and online affiliate and search engine marketing, generating over US$1 billion in e-commerce transactions. Currently, focused on digital marketing for cryptocurrencies, ICOs, exchanges, and wallets. Received a juris doctor degree from St. John's University School of Law.

Passionate about new applications of technology and an avid traveling workaholic.

Steve Nelson
General Counsel

A lawyer with over 30 years of experience in the structuring of investments, cross-border tax, technology and fintech, mostly in Asia. He serves on the Board of Directors at Rooftop Group, a major drone manufacturer and, a wine trading exchange. Steve is a former partner of Baker & McKenzie and King & Wood. Graduated from University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University School of Law.

Passionate Deadhead and a sports franchise fanatic, especially with the Eagles finally winning a Super Bowl.

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